The Stud

The Farm's Stud was set at Quinta da Lagoalva by the Second Duke of Palmela in 1834. It raises Lusitano horses for Carriages, Leisure, Bull Fighting and Dressage.

At the present, the Farm's Stud owns 10 Purebred Lusitano mares, in wich are included: Stallions from Manuel and Carlos Tavares Veiga, and also Fernando Sommer d'Andrade.

Nowadays, the Stallions are from Borba (Rico e Hostil), Eduardo Fisher (Unicórnio do Retiro e Violino do Retiro) and also Alter Real (Rubi).

In 1983 and 1987, some of our breeders, were distinguished with the maximum award at Lisbon and Santarém's show fair.

Our stud aims to produce horses for leisure, bullfighting, Dressage and carriage.

Manuel Holstein Campilho has already participated in three carriage world championships with our own horses.